Hello, and welcome to The Holy Bastard, or, in Hebrew, Mamzer HaKodesh. I am a mixed-race Jewish Christian. This means that I was born and raised in a Jewish family, and am coming to terms with the fact that I am Christian.

The title of this blog is a reference to many things. One is the fact that Jesus would have been considered a bastard (without a publicly known father). Another refers to the fact that I myself am from an interfaith family and am also mixed-race. The third is about my belief that holiness is expressed through the profane or so-called 'ungodly' and 'impure'.

Ultimately, I haven't given up on Judaism just yet. I continue to study more about different aspects of Judaism in my search to find a meaningful spiritual connection to my family's religion. If I had to be categorized, I would be a Jewish Renewal, Anarchist Christian and/or Christo-Pagan, who is also mixed race. And a south-paw, just to be different.

This blog is about:

a) my opinions about the Torah, Tanach and Bible

b) my experiences in religious ceremonies and rituals (church, shabbat, etc...)

c) tackling racism in the Jewish community, and in religion in general

d) unique or subversive news and perspectives on the Judaism and Christianity.

I believe that I have a unique perspective on spirituality and religion, and this can help and inspire others of all faiths who are striving to enrich their own spiritual journeys. It is my hope that this blog will generate creative discourse as well as spiritual and theological innovation.

I invite you to read this blog, comment on it (within the boundaries of human decency), make suggestions to improve it, or any other positive things you can think of doing. You can comment on any post, or email me privately.

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