Below are a collection of links to various websites that may be of interest to you. There are links on arcane bits of Judaic history, Jewish multiculturalism, conversion away from Judaism to secularism or other religions, and so on. I would like this page to bring interesting perspectives to seekers' fingertips. Enjoy!

These links offer innovative ways to pray and practice Judaism. I have included prayer, political, and other resources (excluding interfaith and/or Jewitch, or Jewish Pagan resources, which are listed separately).

"[Examining] models of the Divine feminine from the Bible, Jewish mysticism, and goddess myths as well as [the work of] modern Jewish women in order to create a new vision.

Punk Torah
Independent, fresh views on Torah readings, prayer, customs. News, blogs, pods, vlogs and more!

The Shalom Center
Run by rabbi Arthur Waskow, who connects Judaism to political struggles for equality, ecological work and respect for all. Many articles on Jewish holidays, prayer, and other aspects of observance and history; also some activities for holidays.

These links focus on Earth-based spirituality as well as interfaith Jewish/Pagan practices.

Peeling A Pomegranate
Run by Ketzirah (Carly Lesser), a Kohenet (self-ascribed Jewish priestess) who works to merge understanding of Torah with Earth-based spirituality. Offers classes, workshops and other useful learning opportunities as well as posting unique perspectives for each Jewish month. Artist, Celebrant and Kohenet (priestess).

Tel Shemesh
Run by rabbi Jill Hammer. Celebrating and promoting Earth-based Jewish spirituality.  Offering perspectives on a Jewish "Wheel of the Year". Also offering prayers, rituals and other text resources on Jewish traditions.

Walking On Fire
A Jewitch blog by a woman of Amerindian, Celtic, Germanic and Jewish heritage. Also has a sister blog, Craftwork of a Jewitch, where she promotes hand-crafted Neo-Pagan items.

These links focus on issues and culture of Black Jews and other Jews of color. Thanks to Manishtana, who is brilliant, hilarious, devastatingly handsome and well-styled, for coining the term "JOC".

Jewish Multiracial Network
Because Jews come in all colors! A network with resources for Jews of Color and multi-racial as well as interfaith families.

Manishtana is an American Black Jew.  Manishtana's videos are both informative and hilarious. He shares the history of America's little publicized Black Jewish Community, both past and present.

Memoirs Of A Jewminicana
A Dominican-American Jewish convert and Rebbetzin shares her journey in Judaism and life.