Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to Mamzer HaKodesh

What is Mamzer HaKodesh?

It's a place where I can express my opinions about Judaism and Christianity, as well as general religious history and spiritual practices. I am the mixed daughter of an American protestant-raised African American and a Holocaust survivor. I was raised as a Jew, but I've always been "an alien among aliens", to quote the brilliant site

I was interested in paganism in my teens. Over the past decade +, I've slowly been accepting the fact that I am Christian. This isn't something I chose, but rather something that chose me. And yet, I dig obsessively into various (Jewish) second-temple practices and ideas; and study contemporary law, custom, etc. I still hope I can feel more passion for Judaism. Needless to say, I tend to look at things from a rather unique position. In any case, this is a place where I can express and explore it all, especially the unusual and hidden aspects of religion. I will strive to offer perspectives and facts that I feel are worthy of your time.

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