Monday, November 22, 2010

Mamzer Magic : Jewitch Voodoo Protection Powder

I want to share an interesting psychic protection recipe I've come across. I recently ran into an old friend who is on a unique spiritual path. When we were younger, we explored Paganism and Magic together at the tender age of ten. He wrote in my Book of Shadows, which I still have.

My friend is psychically sensitive. Extremely sensitive. So he uses some things to keep his headspace and energy separate. One of those things is a special protection powder that combines Afro-American magic as well as Eastern and Jewish herbal lore.

There are absolutely NO guarantees regarding success, failure, warts, elves or adverse affects from myself or the creator of this protection powder. We assume no liability concerning the powder mix. It is simply something my friend found helpful for himself, but each person is different and you might react differently. Also, if you are experiencing what you feel is possession or psychic disturbance, you should consult a doctor. Spells and charms work best in addition to qualified medical care. They do not replace a doctor's care under any circumstances.

Also, make sure you use quality ingredients, are not allergic to them, and store and use them properly!

Jewitch Voodoo Protection Powder Recipe:

Cascarilla - ground eggshell

Clove, ground

Asafetida, ground

Cumin, ground

Cascarilla is a basic peace and protection powder coming from Santeria, Haitian Voodoo, and South American sources. It can be dusted on the body for protection from psychic interference or dusted around the home for peace and protection.

Clove is often used in Havdalah ceremonies, the ritual for 'closing' Shabbat. Therefore, it has been added for it's properties as a spiritual sealant. It evokes the boundaries meant to be brought up at the end of Shabbat and is used to keep the boundaries of different energies maintained. Sort of like spiritual border patrol.

Asafetida is an herb used in Jewish tradition, although I'm not sure how. In this case, it literally burns up obnoxious spiritual energy or manipulative spiritual energy.

Cumin is an herb, in a powder (not burned) should also produce some 'protective' magic.

Moishe uses them on his third eye and other spots he feels are energetically sensitive.

I found this combination of African, Native American and Jewish magic fascinating. The friend who told me of this Protection Powder says it helps him quite a bit. Remember, however, that there are no guarantees. If you do decide to give it a try, please let me know how it worked out for you!

You can comment here, and you can also, if you wish, contact Moishe Ben-Shir himself.


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