Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Update

When I started this blog, I wanted to offer unique perspectives that would help others on their spiritual journeys. I have been helped tremendously by learning from other sites and blogs on the web, and wanted to offer the same.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. And I can no longer afford to maintain the illusion of perfection. I'm proud of the essays I've posted, and would like to continue to post them in the future. At the moment, however, I am simply unable to write them on a weekly basis. 

Therefore, my posts will be simplified and more personalized. Although they may not have the same quality as previous posts, I hope they will continue to provide a resource to those who are on a spiritual journey, whatever form that may take. 

I did not get around to posting about Hanukkah this year, but I managed to enjoy the beauty of a lit menorah in my apartment. I've been thinking quite a bit about light, Hanukkah, the Maccabees, war, and why it is so damn difficult to do what we were meant to do. Why is it so difficult for us to take joy in the unique purpose we all have? Why is it so difficult to allow our lights to shine? Even though the festival is over this year, I think I ought to write about it more in depth. More will be revealed on this in the next little while.  Consider it a Hanukkah "afterglow".

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