Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lori Almost Live : Racism in the Jewish Power Structure and Tisha B'Av

I watch Lori Almost Live, a weekly vlog (video-blog) found on (you know, the organization I blasted last week for dishonest Jewish evangelism?). I have to say I find Mrs. Lori Palatnik mesmerizing. I don't always agree with her views, and find a good many disagreeable. However, I tune in every week to watch her. Why? I don't know. Maybe because she's shiny, polished...and has a home. She seems to feel at peace with her belief in Judaism. I wish I could believe as she does. But I don't. I feel my eyes are open too wide, no matter how I wish I could keep them almost shut and see only enough to make me feel Judaism has all the answers and is my "home".

In any case, Mrs. Palatnik's blog focused on an issue very near and dear to me - Racism in the Jewish community. The focus on the vlog cast seems to be on integrating "Jews from afar" and not so much on the importance of multiculturalism (versus assimilation) and multicultural Jewish spiritual practices. The battle over authority and authenticity in Jewish religion and culture wasn't explored. But I was pleasantly surprised and felt it spoke to a broad audience.

Not only is it food for thought, it is a very important point to consider as the Jewish calendar moves towards Tisha B'Av. It is said that the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem came about because of Jewish disunity and infighting; Tisha b'Av is a "holiday" commemorating the destruction of the first and second temples, multiple exiles, and many other horrible events in Jewish history.

Because I still haven't figured out how to post a video, I'm leaving you with a  text link. I hope you give it a look, and I hope it sparks dialogue in many communities this week.

Lori Almost Live - Loving Jews From Afar

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